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Welcome to Moving Company Work Selection!!

Are you looking for an affordable, flexible, customer-friendly and damage-free moving company?
Then get to know moving company Work Selection BV.

Work Selection can offer you several services in the field of relocation and storage, namely:

  • National and international removals (private/business/seniors)
  • Removal lift service
  • Art transport
  • Storage (short-term and long-term)
  • Import and export
  • Evictions


For all your relocations

We take the elevator to the top!

Our method

After an inventory, we can immediately see what the possibilities are. You will then receive a fixed planner and in this way we create short lines. In addition to the perfect move, we also offer moving box service, packing service, and moving lifts. Is the project, import/export, clearance, national and/or international? Work Selection carries out all assignments with passion. In a team with experienced movers and the right expertise, we can always come up with a solution for the assignment.

Of course we work according to the corona regulations, so contactless and with the necessary precautions. 

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Moving elevator

We offer our removals with the latest innovations and can therefore offer electrically powered removal lifts with the same load capacity as a diesel. We make these available in, for example, environmental zones.


Storage and transshipment

Moving sometimes also means that there is a period between the sale and leaving your old house and moving into your new house.
Moving company Work Selection therefore also offers the possibility to store your belongings safely.
We also have the option to transship your goods, for example for transport abroad. 


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On this page you can find our details and contact us.


Moving can be a puzzle!

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Moving can be quite a puzzle:

  • How do I pack everything?
  • When do I start packing?
  • Where should I leave the already packed boxes?
  • I have to deliver my house before my new house is available, where do I leave my things?
  • Or you are going to move internationally, how do you go about that…?


We have an answer and a solution to all your possible questions.


Moving company Work Selection. For all your relocations. Professional and affordable, customer-friendly, flexible, reliable, customized and damage-free.

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